Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hello lovelies! Yesterday I got an urge to make some cute diy decorations for my bedroom. I had an old book laying around, so I decided to make some cute garlands using the pages. They were simple to make, in fact I put em together while watching Friday the 13th. ;)

This garland took only about ten minutes to make! I tore out some pages from my book and then wrote letters on each page. If you want you could probably use some stencils to write your letters, but I just used the edge of the book to help me get straight lines. Anyways, after I did that I punched holes on both sides of the paper so I could effortlessly string some yarn through them.

This garland was a little more time consuming, but still easy to make! I cut out heart shapes from the book pages and then used a needle to sew all the hearts together. I made seven different garlands, each of which had fourteen hearts on them. Hopefully I made enough sense, I'm not the best at diys! Haha. 

Have you gals made any neat diys recently? Tell me all about it! :)


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