Thursday, November 1, 2012

do not disturb (1965)

Hello lovelies! I hate to say it, but I am completely sick of horror movies. I probably watched about twenty three thousand (I may or may not be exaggerating) scary movies last month. While I'll probably change my mind next week, I want to get into a new obsession. I've been wanting to get into classic movies for a while, but I honestly just had no idea where to begin. ...Until now! Well I still don't know the ~good~ ones, but I added a bunch of random classics to my Netflix queue. ;)

ANYWAYS that long introduction was pretty pointless, but I felt the need to explain myself. Tonight I watched Do Not Disturb because I noticed that Doris Day, one of my favorite singers, starred in it! It was a really cute lighthearted movie that had the most amazing outfits and furniture in it! I took a few (crappy) screenshots for you all to enjoy. 

What are some of your favorite old movies? :)


  1. I think my favourite has to be Scarlet Street or anything with Humphrey Bogart

    1. I looked up Scarlet Street and it looks really interesting, I'll have to try to find it. And I haven't seen many Humphrey Bogart films, but he is very charming!