Sunday, November 11, 2012

pyrex lovin'

Hello lovelies! Lately I've been on a vintage Pyrex/kitchenware kick and I wanted to share my obsession with you all! 

I bought the green mixing bowl from an antique store and one of my mom's friends gave me the yellow and red bowls! I just need one more fish until my primary mixing bowl set is complete. :)

The Corning Ware dishes and coffee cups were found at Goodwill (for half off!). The same day I got those I also found my Pyrex butter dish in the spring blossom pattern.

My mom recently bought me this gold butterfly Pyrex set from one of our favorite antique stores. They were surprisingly very cheap and in great condition. I think this pattern is becoming my favorite! 

This is a Glasbake dish that isn't in the best condition, but I love it because it's the first vintage dish I bought! I randomly found it at Goodwill and instantly fell in love with the floral design.

My mom never really decorated this wine rack, so I decided to throw all my goodies on here one day. I love all the warm, fall colors. Can't wait to decorate it for Winter! 


  1. I have those same plates. My grandmother gave them to me when I moved into my own apartment :) I love the set up you have with the wine rack (especially the deer figurines).

    1. What an awesome gift! And thank you so much. :))