Monday, November 5, 2012

the choir of children sing their song

Hello lovelies! Let me just saw that I had an amazing weekend! I got to spend lots of time with my mom, I feel like we haven't had a good mother-daughter day in a while. We went shopping all day (typical) then later we hung around the house with our crazy dogs. I love spending time with her. :)

Yesterday Daniel and I went out to brunch with my mom and then headed to an art museum . I was most excited about seeing the beautiful Tiffany lamps and a Salvador Dali painting. There were also these vibrantly colored altered vintage ads, I really wanted one to hang in my room haha. When we got back to my house I made my first ever attempt at coconut cream pie, I think it turned out well!

Okay and don't make fun of me, but I am completely ready for Christmas! I know it's still pretty far off, but I already set up a mini tinsel Christmas tree! I've also constantly  been listening to Christmas music, it puts me in the best mood. The holidays are just such a magical time and I hate how they go by so quickly! Is anyone with me on this one?! No...? Okay then haha. Anyways, hope you all have a good week and don't forget to vote (for Obama!!) tomorrow. :)


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