Saturday, June 9, 2012

the chronicles of john lennon

Wow, last night was something else! It was my best friend Keely's nineteenth birthday, so of course we had to have a fine celebration! The legendary JOHN LENNON also paid us a visit, can you believe that?! Luckily I was able to capture some pictures from our wild night with my phone. Enjoy. ;)

John does not appreciate being held captive in a plastic jail cell.

Jeremy doesn't understand why his picture isn't on this totally awesome Yellow Submarine lunchbox. John remains unamused.

All you need is some kitty love.

Before he told me to bugger off.

He brought the beautiful birthday girl a flower, how sweet!

Now this is when the real fun started... 

John was quite amused by the gold flecks in the Goldschlager bottle and insisted that we let him drink the whole thing. 

Immediately regretting that decision...

John said YOLO and decided to take some more shots. They were disgusting though, so he needed a chaser.

Sometime during John's wild night he met a certain pop star. 

Peeping into said pop star's mansion.

I can't imagine how awkward the morning after will be!


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