Monday, July 23, 2012

shopping haul

Hello lovelies! Over the past few days I made some amazing purchases and I thought I would share! ;)

I've been wanting to get a quilt or crocheted blanket for when it gets cooler outside. I was thrilled to find this gorgeous blanket at a thrift store! Part of me wants to dye it pink, but I'm not quite sure how to properly go about that.
Lately I've been strangely obsessed with retro decor, so of course I had to buy this adorable deer planter. I bought it from one of my favorite antique stores. Can't wait to plant some flowers in it!
I got this beautiful tapestry purse from a local antique store for only two dollars! My best friend also got a lovely wicker purse for about the same price, I'd say we did well. :)
I love these vintage clip on earrings, they're a sure way to class up any outfit!
How awesome is this typewriter?! I did some "research" online and apparently it's from 1964. And best of all, it still works. I fully intend to write letters to everyone using this bad boy!
I've been on the hunt for cheap vintage inspired dresses and was thrilled to find this gem at Forever 21. I absolutely love the dainty collar and the unique peach print.
I immediately fell in love with this dress from Forever 21. The collar, bow, and print are so darling! 

Thanks for looking at my post! I'm definitely done with spending all my money for now haha. Have you guys purchased anything good lately? :)


  1. You should dye that blanket with tea bags. It's an easy and non-invasive way to dye older fabrics.

    1. That's a really good idea, thanks! :)

  2. I love the typewriter - it's so cute. The earrings are pretty cool too :)