Monday, August 6, 2012

Hello lovelies! Like most people, I spend all the free time I can get unwinding in my room. While it isn't ~Cribs~ worthy in the slightest bit, I am very pleased with how I fixed it up! Below are quite a few pictures of one of my favorite places ever, enjoy. x

Here's an overview of my room. My brother lived in it till he moved out, which explains all the random spots on the carpet! I can't wait to get new flooring. 

Probably my favorite part about my room, I am so in love with my bed! Excuse the perpetually wrinkled bedsheets and stuffed animal overload. 

This gorgeous picture of Audrey Hepburn hangs near my door.

My nightstand which of course is right by my bed. As you can see I keep my jewelry stand, alarm clock, and fisheye camera on it. 

I guess I have a slight obsession with bulletin boards haha. I like to switch up the pictures and other memorabilia every so often for a quick change!

This is the wall across my bed! My brother got a bunch of cheap rap records with the intention to sell them on eBay, but that never happened so I put some of them on my wall. Sometimes I feel as though all the polaroids and records on my wall make it look overwhelming, but I really can't bear to take them down!

Cora loves my room almost as much as I do. ;)

On the left is a closeup of my polaroid wall and ottoman which is an awesome way to store assorted items! The picture on the right is just my bedroom door, some more polaroids, and closet door.

I rearranged my bookshelf a few days ago and now I adore it! My favorite items on it are my typewriter and antique vase than my mom gave me. :)

I've had this dollhouse since I was a kid, but my boyfriend fixed it up for my birthday! It's one of my most precious possessions, I hope to one day furnish the inside. 

Here's the top of my dresser. My boyfriend made the collage on the left, and a friend of mine painted the picture of me as Mother Mary. 

A closeup of the items on my dresser. The Eiffel Tower is actually from my trip to Paris, woohoo!

Coat rack and Marilyn calendar! 

Oh and here is the newest edition to my room! Daniel gave me this incredible record player that is probably from the 60's or 70's. The needle is missing, but I plan on getting one from online asap.

Well I hope you enjoyed touring my room, this was at least a fun post to make. :3