Monday, August 20, 2012

summertime sadness

Hello lovelies! I recently got some film developed from my Pink Slim Dress camera and I must admit, the results were pretty disappointing! Practically all the pictures ended up being overly washed out. Not really sure if I'm just expecting too much from a toy camera or if I did something wrong or what! Out of desperation I ended up editing a few pictures to see how they'd look. Obviously the pictures still aren't perfect, but I think they're charming in their own way. (Kind of?!)

Have ya'll experimented with toy cameras? I would love to know what your camera of choice is haha. ;)


  1. I've never experimented with toy cameras but I think the pictures look fine! Very vintage-y :)

  2. Aw, you have such a gorgeous blog, browsed through it and could not stop smiling! Instant follow! :----)

    I would give anything to own a polaroid camera, been hunting one for ages, but they seem to be really hard to find, argh. :---(


    1. Thank you so much! :)<3
      Ugh, that is so frustrating! Have you tried any local flea markets? Or maybe ebay? Hope you find one soon! :)

  3. I love the photos. They actually came out very well with that vintage feel.