Monday, September 24, 2012

autumn leaves

Hello lovelies! Last week was insanely stressful due to all the tests I had, but this weekend definitely put me in a better mood. :) On Thursday I finally got to spend some time with my friend Soongyi, who I've known since kindergarten. For some reason we're awful at making plans, so we hardly ever get to see each other. I had the best time catching up with her though, it was just like good old times!

On Friday Daniel and I went to a nearby town where we saw amazing victorian homes, ate delicious food, and browsed a few shops! The rest of my weekend was spent just lounging around, baking, napping, drinking, and watching horror movies with Daniel. 

Oh yeah, and it's officially Autumn! Fall is probably my favorite season, I just love the crisp weather and coziness that it brings. ;) Hope you all have a great week! x


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