Friday, September 7, 2012

Hello lovelies! Thankfully besides school, things have slowed down a lot! Lately I've been enjoying antique shopping, french music, playing with my dogs, eating cupcakes, and hanging out with my love. I saw the Possession last night (I'm a horror movie junkie) and it was one of the best scary movies I've seen in quite a while! It definitely got me excited for October-- one of my favorite months! Well anyways, hope you all have a relaxing weekend. <3


  1. I'm a horror movie junkie as well, haven't seen many good in a while. Maybe I'll check out the Posession :---)

    Such a colourful update<3

    1. What are your favorite horror movies? :) You really should check it out, it was so frightening! Although I don't know if that's saying much, I get scared so easily haha.


    2. Those are all amazing movies! Haha I remember being so terrified of the Ring! Some of my favorites are The Exorcist, Cabin Fever, The Decent, The Sentinel, and all the Evil Dead movies. I agree with you about liking supernatural stories better than gorey ones!

      I saw Don't Be Afraid of the Dark a while ago, but now I want to re-watch it! Have you seen The Orphange? I'm pretty sure Guillermo del Toro produced it, but I think you'd like it a lot! Paranormal Activity really was such a let down, I'm getting so sick of those ~found footage~ movies. I only saw a bit of Let the Right One In, but for some reason I couldn't get into it.

      I love Supernatural, I'm only on the third season right now though! Have you watched all the seasons? AHS was one of my favorite shows last year, I watched it religiously. I thought the earlier episodes were brilliant, but the later episodes were kind of disappointing. I'm still excited for the next season though! :) Do you plan on watching it? Are there any other horror shows that you like to watch?

      And god, I'm sorry for such a long comment! D:

    3. Hmmm at first I didn't send my comment as a response so I resent it as one, but when I went to delete my original comment I accidentally deleted your previous one! Okay I know I am not making any sense, but I just wanted to tell you that so you didn't think I randomly deleted your comment or something! Haha I'm going to stop typing now. -____-