Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hello lovelies! I have a lot of pictures from my spring break to share on here. 

Daniel and I started Friday by driving to a nearby town and visiting a marine center. We saw lots of fish and turtles, sea creatures are my favorite so I was basically acting like a giddy little kid. After that we took a trip to Powhatan's Chimney, which is the remains of a house Captain John Smith built in 1609. Later that day we visited the ruins of the Rosewell Plantation, a place I've been wanting to visit for years. The old plantation was built in the 1700s and is supposedly haunted! 

On Saturday Daniel and I visited the zoo! We got to see lions, red pandas, giraffes, and elephants. :) For dinner we hit up my favorite little diner and ate way too much delicious food. That night we did some ghost hunting at an old military base. I downloaded a ghost detector app which is probably bollocks, but the words "captain" and "base" popped up when I was using it. Kind of eerie, huh?


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