Monday, April 8, 2013

spring haul

Over the past few months I obtained a few goodies that I wanted to share on here! Pretty much everything is kitchenware; I'm not sure where this obsession came from haha. 

I got these cute tea towels from Target! I'm in love with the colors and modern print. 

I bought these beautiful vintage glasses from Goodwill $3.25! I was shocked when I saw the price tag, my Goodwill tends to overprice glassware. They're actually really heavy and in perfect condition, one of my favorite thrifting finds! 

This linen calendar was kind of an impulse buy, but I just couldn't resist the colors and cute art work! 

Some Pyrex fridgies I got from various antique stores! Earlier this year I posted some pictures of my Pyrex/vintage glassware collection, I've slowly acquired quite a few pieces since. (Seriously don't start collecting Pyrex, it is too addicting!)

I have three of these glasses, but I was drinking out of one while I was taking these pictures soo... I love the yellow and orange/amber combo, if you couldn't already tell I'm a huge fan of those colors!

These lovely sheets are from Goodwill! I love the floral pattern and colors so much, they remind me of Mia Farrow's apartment in Rosemary's Baby. 

I've been eyeing these Made in Japan mugs for a few months, but I didn't want to pay asking price for them. Luckily the antique store that was selling them had an amazing sale this weekend and I bought them for five dollars! 

I've been wanting a Butterprint mixing bowl ever since I started collecting Pyrex, but I can never find them! I spotted this gem at one of my favorite antique stores, needless to say I was thrilled! :)

My mom bought me this decanter set kind of a while ago, but It's way too awesome not to share! It's currently on my red vintage Cosco cart that I picked up a while back.

Well thanks for looking at my recent purchases and putting up with my not so great photography skills!  ;) Have you guys scored any vintage finds lately? 


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