Saturday, May 5, 2012

life may be sad, but it's always beautiful

Hello lovelies, happy Cinco de Mayo! ;) My summer has been wonderful thus far! On Thursday I finally got to see my best friend, Keely. We watched Cabin in the Woods and I actually thought it was a genuinely clever horror movie (maybe besides the whole ancient gods part haha).

Yesterday my boyfriend and I had a picnic on the beach, it was so cute! We also walked around Fort Monroe and snuck into this fancy haunted hotel thanks to Daniel's charming ways haha. We didn't see any ghosts, but it was still a fun little adventure. 

We went to this antique store and I found a picture of my great grandpa. Hahahah is that not the weirdest thing ever?! I seriously felt like I was in the Twilight Zone or something. The guy was also trying to sell it for twenty dollars, but I talked him down to five. Daniel said I'm a good barterer. ;)

Today my mom and I picked some strawberries!  I think it is my new favourite spring activity, I can't wait to make some strawberry muffins. 


  1. hello! i just found you on tumblr, on some mad-hatter chase of how to meet new people on blogspot. i hope you don't mind if i stumble around and see how this is suppose to do done.

    1. Not at all! :) I must admit I actually have no idea how to navigate this site, so I'm not sure how to follow your blog?? I'm going to send you a friend request, haha I hope that's the same thing!