Wednesday, May 23, 2012

time may change me, but you can't trace time

Hello lovelies! I've been so busy enjoying summer that I haven't had much motivation to post anything here lately. I have spent most of my days going on random adventures with my boyfriend or my best friend, Keely. I also developed a severe addiction to playing Mario Party and drinking strawberry limeade from Sonic haha.

Did I mention that my birthday is on Saturday?! The ever-so-exciting 1-9. I know, I know, not the most exciting birthday. Still though, I can't wait! On Friday Daniel and I are going to a local carnival and then on Saturday he is taking me to Carytown, Richmond. And hopefully I will get to spend time with my best friend on Sunday! I'm so thankful to have such wonderful and caring people to spend my birthday weekend with. <3


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