Wednesday, June 20, 2012

to the place where the sidewalk ends

Hello lovelies! Can I just say how exhausted I've been this week? On Monday I started babysitting from 8:30-5:00 which is a blast, but completely draining! It's such a struggle to get anything accomplished after I get off; I usually just go straight up to my room and watch a movie or relax. After this week I'm sure my body will get used to this hectic schedule though. 

Today the kids and I put sprinklers under their trampoline which felt amazing in the summer heat! So far I've been trying to keep them busy with lots of fun activities, such as making obstacle courses, drawing with homemade puffy paint, playing with chalk, making "dirt" (pudding + oreo crumbs + gummy worms), making bouncy balls, etc. What are some of your favorite summer activities you did when you were a kid? :)


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