Sunday, June 17, 2012

we sang love's old sweet song on moonlight bay

Hello lovelies! Right now I'm just relaxing in my bed, completely worn out from this weekend! On Friday I babysat from eight to four, and as you can imagine it was pretty exhausting. It was a blast though, the kids recently got a trampoline so we spent a lot of time on that haha. :) On Saturday Daniel and I went to Smithfield where we saw THE WORLD'S OLDEST HAM!!! and looked inside these amazing antique stores. We spent the night at his brother's house since Daniel is housesitting this week. And I just spent most of today in Smithfield and hanging out around the house with Daniel & my family. Hope everyone had a great Fathers Day! x

Smithfield has the most amazing victorian houses! My dream is to live in a pink one. ;)


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